Motion Design - 2022


On a long journey as an astronaut, Maria struggles with the different forces of deep space. Nibiru is an animated short film made as part of my studies at Hyper Island.



The project started from an urge to create something slow and moving instead of the usual quick advertisements.

All that freedom was a big first for all of us so it took us a while to figure out what we wanted. Things like defining a mood, a story, or a theme. It felt like there were a million questions that needed answers.



Using Miro we tried to answer as many of the questions as possible. We defined our world, our character, and slowly also our story.

Setting those limitations made it a lot easier to slowly get a clearer picture. We also kept on using miro to iterate all style frames to our liking.



The outcome is something I am personally very happy with. It was a nice experience to make something that's not as straightforward as a usual advertisement.

The most fun part was seeing the motivation bounce from teammate to teammate while trying something new.


Producer - Meghan Shrivastava

Director - Clemens Makoschitz

Character Animation and Design - Thea Grönlund

Compositing - Saúl Yance, Clemens Makoschitz

Soundesign - Meghan Shrivastava, Clemens Makoschitz


Clemens Makoschitz © 2023