Client Project - 2023

Hermès Seoul Maison Dosan Park

In this project I had the opportunity to contribute some animations for the Hermès Seoul store's window displays in South Korea. It was a collaboration with Maresch&Sturm and MischerTraxler.


Sangtae Kim /  Hermès Korea⁠


The animations were  just one piece of a bigger physical setup. Making sure everything smoothly worked together was a fun challenge.

Amazing work from MischerTraxler and Maresch&Sturm for coming up with such a cool concept.


There was quiet a lot of creative freedom while making the animations. They needed to be 2-minute loops and the aim was to keep them interesting without being too distracting.


Sangtae Kim /  Hermès Korea⁠


Sangtae Kim /  Hermès Korea⁠


I'm really thankful to have been a part of this project. It's not every day you get to see your animations displayed in such an interactive and cool way.


Client - Hermès South Korea

Concept and Project Managment - Mischer Traxler

Art Direction - Maresch&Sturm

Animation - Clemens Makoschitz, Florian Sturm 

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